Artwork by Maureen Carlson
                    Text and photo Maureen Carlson 2009


19" x 19.5" x 6.5" free standing work.

Polymer Clay, ApoxieR Sculpt, Wood, Wire, Acrylic Paint, Alcohol Ink, Fibers

Storybox #15: She stopped biting her nails once she remembered that in her root cellar she had a mask to fit every occasion. 

This interactive piece was a collaboration between my visual and storyteller selves and that internal self who asks questions about the nature of being. Each part was equally important to the process. The technical challenge was to sculpt onto a wooden box without subjecting it to the drying heat of the oven. That problem was solved by prebaking the polymer clay leaves, then using them in combination with self-hardening ApoxieR Sculpt.


This piece is part of the International Polymer Clay Association's Synergy 2 conference which is in Baltimore Feb. 24 - 27, 2010.  The work can be purchased online at International Polymer Clay Association (NPCG) .  Click on the Synergy 2 exhibit.  This work is on page 2 of the on-line gallery.

Maureen Carlson


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