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Spiritual Direciton Relationship

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The purpose of the following guidelines is to provide a foundation for trust and clarity that is respectful of both parties in the Spiritual Direction relationship.

(Adapted from the Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality, Tricia Spitzmueler and Cenacle Retreat House Guidelines)

Things to Think About

> Feel free to ask about the spiritual director's training and experience. It is entirely appropriate for you to inquire whether he or she has a spiritual director, and if her or she is in supervision.

> You have a right to expect that your personal boundaries will be respected. 

> You have a right to expect that all information shared will be kept confidential except as provided by law.

> It is expected that the directee will also respect the rights of the spiritual director to confidentiality in regard to personal selfdisclosures that are a part of the direction relationship.

> The spiritual director may seek consultation or supervision from other staff at Sacred Ground or other professionals regarding aspects of the direction process. This usually focuses on what is occurring in the spiritual director.  Such supervision and what is shared is absolutely confidential.

> If the spiritual director becomes aware of a situation of suspected abuse of a minor child or a vulnerable adult, he or she would support you in notifying the appropriate authorities.  Furthermore, the spiritual director would assume a moral obligation to notify the appropriate county welfare agency, or child protection agency, or, if these are not available, the police department. The directee would be informed if such a report were to be made and will receive copies of any written correspondence that would occur.

> It may be necessary for the spiritual director to affirm her or his limits as a spiritual director and indicate that some issues and needs are more effectively met by use of other resources such as professional counseling or 12-step group work.


Format and Fees

Termination of the relationship by either party should be discussed and addressed
directly and clearly.

A session shall go for one hour beginning from the appointed time. This respects
the time of both parties. 

If the directee must cancel an appointment, please give a 24 hour notice if at all possible. In the case of a “no show” where the directee misses an appointment, the agreed upon fee still applies. 

The fee for spiritual direction is $60 per one-hour session.

If this amount presents a financial hardship, please discuss this with the spiritual director.   
Money is simply an exchange of energy. It indicates an intention on the part of both parties that something is given and something is received.

Spiritual Director: Maureen Carlson 







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