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What is spiritual direction?

There are many schools of thought as to what is involved in spiritual direction, but, in general, it is a session wherein one person is present with another in witness to the movement of spirit in that person's life.  The following is my personal approach to spiritual direction:

A spiritual direction session is a time set aside for exploring one's life stories with special attention to how spirit is moving through the events of one's life. 

It's a time to ask and to listen within, to become quiet so that one can hear the answers that arise from that deep place of knowing.

The spiritual director does not teach or preach, but listens deeply in order to help the directee experience insight into his or her journey, story, action or relationships. 

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to develop a richer language for talking about the sacred mystery that has many names, but is called God or Mother-Father God by some, Higher Power by Others, and Spirit by many. 

There is no agenda for spiritual direction sessions except for what one brings to it.   Frequent topics brought to spiritual direction concern relationship issues, change in jobs, loss, grief or a search for deeper meaning in one's life.  

The relationship between the directee and spirit is primary.  The spiritual director acts as a helper, listener and facilitator to this experience.

Sessions are private and confidential. 

Spiritual direction is neither counseling nor life coaching, though elements of those fields are contained within spiritual direction. Spiritual directors do not diagnose illnesses or label and work towards changing behaviors.  Spiritual directors do sometimes work with counselors or other healing professionals as part of a team. Referrals to other helping professionals will be made as needed.